Discount Viagra

Highly effective drug Viagra, which was introduced in 1992, was a breakthrough in the treatment of men's impotence. Sildenafil Citrate is the active substance of Viagra, which has a great effect enhance erection as was shown in clinical research.
A few years ago, Viagra can be bought only with a prescription, this fact gave a huge inconvenience, but nowadays the drug Viagra can be bought without leaving the house. It is enough to find the right online pharmacy to select the desired amount of medication, place an order, and within a few days, you are guaranteed to get your order anonymously and at a reasonable price. In any right online pharmacy you can order discount generic viagra.
During the first year of drug sales, profit of company was over one billion dollars. A few years after the termination of the patent for Viagra, the production of the drug were able to do other pharmaceutical concerns, but under other names such as: Vistagra, Vectra, Kamagra, etc., there are no different from the original drug. Generic Viagra is only the generic name of the drug containing the active ingredient - Sildenafil. Discount Viagra is a copy of a patented drug.

Discount Viagra Online

Online pharmacy offers absolutely identical to the original drug Viagra which you can buy for very affordable prices. In the ordinary pharmacy the price of 1 tablet is compared of the price of 10 tablets in the online pharmacy. Reduction of prices for the drug was made possible due to lack of costs on research and development, that's why generic price is 4-5 times lower than the original.
The mechanism of action of Viagra
After taking Viagra, at a dosage equivalent to one tablet a day, there is a dilation of vessel in the pelvis, that increase blood flow to the sexual organs, which can enhance or restore the lost erection. It is understood that the erection can't appear involuntarily, but only with the aid of sexual stimulation, and it stops without it. One tablet of the drug is taken an hour before sexual contact, and will remain in force for 6 hours.